Are you ready to sell your home and not sure of what you should do? Don’t just list it without any advance preparation. A few touch ups can go along way with viewings and top price. Take your emotion out of the way and look at your home as a buyer would. Here are the top five things a homeowner should do before listing:

1. Clean, clean, clean! Just when you think you have cleaned everything, go one step further. Don’t forget the top of fireplace mantle, ceiling fans, bathroom fans, chandeliers, top of curtain rods. Polish your appliances, making sure the microwave and oven are cleaned, and faucets and give the windows a thorough washing, including the window seals. If you have moved out, or are too busy, hire a cleaning service to come in and clean.

2. Pay attention to smells! Be careful of what you cook. Some foods have a strong odor that lingers. Such as bacon or fish. Not only foods, but be wary of pets. Keep the animal food bowls clean, pets cleaned and litter boxes clean. And, some people are really sensitive to air freshener, so do go overboard with those plug-ins.

3. Clear out the clutter! Half…half…half. That is the one word you will hear most often. Half of everything needs to go either to storage or goodwill or yard sell. You want the buyers to focus on the home not your treasured items. Now is the time to clear out old bowls, spices, shoes, clothing. And not too many personal items. Take some of your personal pictures and go ahead and pack them up. You are going to be moving in the near future!

4. Repaint the walls neutral colors! I am sure that red dining room looks very nice. And little Suzy’s room in hot pink! But think as a buyer. Some can not get past paint colors and those bold dramatic paint colors can be a deterrence to some. Repaint in neutral colors such as tan, white or grey. This will allow buyers to focus on the space and not the color of the walls.

5. Keep the decor simple! Less is more. How many times have you heard this? A pair of simple elegant candle holders with a neutral table cloth may look better than the zebra print with orange placemats. Pack up those