It’s a very good thing we do pre-closing visits for all our buyers. Before each home closes, we take the time to stop by and do a quick inspection. Last week we, the buyers and I, stopped in to inspect their soon-to-be new home before heading over to the attorney’s office – and walked into the sunroom and found a puddle of water. The skylight was leaking! (Insert panic face here) You can imagine how upset the buyers were when they saw the puddle. After calming them down, I called the listing agent and made her aware of the situation and that it was taken care of. The owner had the repairman come out and supplied a paid invoice before we finished signing the papers.


Had we not stopped in to check on their home before closing, they would have walked in to that aweful scenario turning a moment of joy into stress and worry. Just remember when the home records at the register of deeds office, it transfers the ownership from the seller to the buyer. When you walk in through that front door, it’s all yours – for better or worse!

Pre-closing visits are just one of the services we provide when you choose us to help you find your next home along with personalized customer service that’s hard to beat.

Until next time!

– Renee