Southern Living Porch and Patio Ideas

I’ve been thinking about front porches lately and what they really mean for folks living in the South…

For as long as my mind can stretch, our front porch has been a staple in my memories. From having mom and dad watch us play and catch fireflies on long summer evenings, momma catching up with friends and family over sweet iced tea, having my own friends meet out on the porch for play and babble, and posing for prom photos – the porch is always a part of the nostalgia that lingers around my life memories.

A spot to destress and forget about the cares of the day – a place for dirty boots, wet umbrellas and anxiously waiting for loved ones to arrive.

Front porches in the South are a symbol of much more than an extra spot in front of your house. It’s an extension of your home and often times a second living area. A warm welcome, a place to sit and relax, reconnect and untangle from a busy day, watch your children grow, entertain, rocking chairs, listening to music, and sometimes even console a friend in need.

From a real estate perspective, front porches often rank high on ‘wish-lists’. It’s always been the ideal way to break the ice and welcome new neighbors, get to know their pets, and create a sense of community.

It’s no wonder front porches mean so much around here! After all, they hold many cherished memories and give us great curb appeal in return and often times help us make an empty house into a warm home.

How high does a front porch rank on your wish list for your next home?

Until next time!


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